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OCs on Motorcycles! Or not...
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Mamoru Ju santai no kokoromi 2
Me: Second Chapter!
Yuzuki: If you actually count the first one you put up as a chapter, then sure.
Me: Meh.
Yuzuki: Shan doesn't own Bleach or it's characters. She owns my character and the plot though.
Me: I got my inspiration from Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaidan.
I opened the book, feeling a shiver go up my spine. The book flew up in the air, the pages turning quickly, a blinding light burst from the book. I screeched, trying to grab the book to close it. I jumped, the light caught me and I found myself frozen mid flight.
My mind tried to keep up with the events unfolding. What was happening? The world around me dissolved. my clothes changed from my school uniform to a white kosode and a red shitagi. There was a sheathed sword strapped behind my back.
I shut my eyes, wishing I were back at the library. Hell, I just wished I were on solid ground, and not suspended in this weird light.
"Whatever you wish, Yuzuki Hara. This is now yo
:icongreenfluffybunny:greenfluffybunny 1 0
Mamoru Ju san-tai no kokoromi
   Today started off as any normal day at the Akiyo Academy. I woke up early, I got out of bed, I got changed, and I went on my way to class. But, something felt off. I couldn't put my finger on what exactly, but something just wasn't right.
   I looked both ways, before crossing the street to get to the schools library. The breeze picked up, I held down my skirt so it wouldn't go up and show people my undergarments. I quickly ran across the street when I saw no cars were coming.
     SCREEECH! I heard a car break fast. I looked over my shoulder, and froze in place. A car swerved past me. I ran the rest of the way to the library, not looking back.
   "Ah, Yuzuki, glad you came." The librarian, Mrs. Kukiro, smiled as I put my bag down, trying to catch my breath.
  "Morning Mrs. Kukiro." I bowed to her, smiling. She laughed.
  "Always so polite." I heard her mumble.
"Do you have any work I can help
:icongreenfluffybunny:greenfluffybunny 1 2
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Okay gumshoes, there is one more chance to catch that V.I.L.E. villain Carmen Sandiego, but you need to act fast. Sure, yelling: "I FOUND YOU CARMEN" from across the room is useful, but today is the last day she will be dressed as herself until Comic Con International. The mission? Take a picture of/and/or with her and post it on here. Good luck.
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United States
This is a picture I drew of myself... minus my glasses, and yeah...

Current Residence: Why do you want to know
Favourite genre of music: Screamo
Favourite style of art: Realistic anime or fanart and writing
MP3 player of choice: Ipod, or mp3
Shell of choice: Conch!
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that looks cool
Favourite cartoon character: Alphonse Elric.... and mabye his brother >///< and Raguna from Rune Factory Frontier (video ga
Personal Quote: I WAS BORN ON MY BIRTHDAY (don't ask XD)


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